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Cut Off 11am for Same Day.


1.3m x 2m R 580

1.3m x 3m R 829

1.3m x 4m R 1,099

1.3m x 5m R 1,399

1.3m x 6m R 1,659

1.6m x 3m R 949

1.6m x 4m R 1,299

1.6m x 5m R 1,589

1.6m x 6m R 1,899

2.6m x 3m R 1,755

2.6m x 4m R 2,399

2.6m x 5m R 2,925

2.6 x 6m R 3,510

2.6 x 7m R 4,095

2.6m x 8m R 4,680

2.6m x 9m R 5,265

2.6m x 10m R 5,850

The advertised prices are exclusive of artwork design or Layout.
Please supply Correctly Sized, CMYK, No Bleed, No Crop Mark, Print Ready Artwork with EFT or Online Purchase for Same day Service.

Stainless Steel, 12mm Eyelets R 12 Each

The Highest Quality STAINLESS STEEL ONLY Eyelets are used and the experience since introducing this product is that these are so strong that Seem Welding has become a thing of the past.

On a Large Banner, in windy conditions, it is more economical to have eyelets installed 300mm or 400mm apart and on installing, apply cable ties while making sure that the banner is well tensioned from left and right and tightly attached using all eyelets. Then repeat the process for the 3 other sides.

Banner Details:
High Quality 510gm PVC Gloss/Matt, Digitaly Printed in Full Colour.

Banners are totaly weather proof, waterproof and durable.

SS 12 mm eyelets spaced approx 1m apart arount the banner are included in the order price.

Should extra eyelets be required, these are available @ R 12 each Installed.

Artwork requirements:

The advertised price is exclusive of artwork design or Layout.

No extra charges will be made where artwork is presented print ready for direct print.

Print ready artwork:

Correctly Sized In PDF Format, CMYK Colours, No Spot or Pantone Colours, No Bleed or Crop Marks, PDF. 20mm gap to edges from text or numbers, etc. All Text is in Curves (Outlines). 150 dpi Resolution in a file correctly sized for print is sufficient.


The owner, partners, shareholders and all/any parties with investment and/or participitation in this business hereby exclude total responsibility/liability/risk linked to the production of any product listed for sale on this website, which by any size, shape, colour, finishing, etc is produced outside of the direct specifications related to standard specifications which are clearly listed under  “Templates”.  Wherein the purchaser is expected to have taken notice of such guidelines and forewith adhered to the required guidelines as are listed for the product in the design process when purchased in respect of any “Print Ready” file uploaded for print, either by direct online upload, drop box or other upload facilities or by direct e-mail.

Due to Technical, Climate, Electrical power variations, Media Thickness variations, etc, precise size matching between the size in the design and size of the final print is limited to be inside a 1% tolerence. IE, 1m x 1m could finaly print out to be between 1,010m x 1.010m and  0.99m x 0.99m. This variance can only be corrected where the print has come out on the larger side, where this can be trimmed to match. Should the final print size be smaller than the design size and the variance is greater than 1%. If required, a re-run the order to an enlarged size shall be offered at no cost. No Free re-prints will be made where the size variation is less than or equal to 1%.

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